10 Types of Push-Ups for Losing Belly Fat

Welcome to FitKiter – your personal station for everything about fitness! Today, in a world of push-ups, we want to help you understand that simple yet very effective exercise that can make you lose your belly fat and generally be strong. Whether you are completely new to this or a body fitness freak, including these 10 variations of push-ups in your daily exercise regimen can really, really help tame that core strength and general physical outlook. Doing Push-Ups for Losing Belly Fat

Standard Push-Up

Starting from the basic push-ups position, which is the root to all its variations, the hand placement should be at shoulder width with the body kept in a straight line from head to the heels. Lower the body till the chest is almost touching the floor and then push back up. This is just not beneficial to your chest but also proves to be quite effective in involving the core muscles Push-ups for losing belly fat.

Wide Grip Push-Ups

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Wide grip push-ups simply happen by your hands being wider than your shoulder length. These give full effort to your shoulders and chest, but yes, don’t be deceived; it also involves your cores seriously to stabilize the body Push-ups for Losing Belly Fat.

Diamond Push-up

Form a diamond with your hands under your chest. Diamond push-ups are much harder and will target your triceps and inner chest muscles, but at the same time, they will make your core work much harder to support your body. Push-ups for losing Belly Fat: You need to form a diamond with your hands under your chest, bringing your thumbs and index fingers together.

Decline Push-Ups

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To do decline push-ups, sit on a bench or step and elevate your feet to increase resistance. It targets the upper chest and shoulders, while your core has to really get going to hold your form Push-Ups for Losing Belly Fat.

Spiderman Push-Ups

Lower your body toward the floor in a standard push-up. As you do this, lift one of your feet off the floor and swing your knee out to the side, trying to touch your elbow. Spiderman push-ups — For humans, it works the obliques by giving a twist to the battle against belly fat.

Pike Push-Up

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Start in a downward dog yoga position and do a push-up. Pike push-ups take the pressure off your lower body and roll it to your shoulders and upper chest, but your abs are going to feel the burn big time as they work hard to keep your hips high Push-Ups for Losing Belly Fat.

Staggered Push-Ups

Place one hand slightly forward and the other back. Now do a pushup. Staggered pushups challenge your body to maintain balance, giving the core an excellent workout with targeting the different parts of your chest Push-ups for losing belly fat.

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One-arm Push

Dare for something real. In one-arm pushups, balance and strength are really tested. Stand apart with your legs wide open to give a firm and stable position. Pull up with one arm while your whole body is straight Push-Ups for Losing Belly Fat.

Clap Push-Ups

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Enhance the airtime in your set with clap push-ups. Push up hard enough to clap in mid-air before landing. Not only do they look nice, but they also help increase the power of your chest and considerably improve core stability. Do Push-ups Really Flatten Out Belly Fat?

Archer Push-up

Extend an arm to the side, as if drawing a bow, and lower your body towards the hand of the other side. Archer push-ups are one of the best to increase side strength, while again putting great pressure on the core to keep your body straight in line Push-Ups for Losing Belly Fat.

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There you have it. Those are 10 powerful push-up variations that should definitely help you take care of that belly fat and get even stronger right from the comfort of your home. Remember, consistency is key, and so is proper form. Try these and feel the difference in your week after week Push-ups to Lose Belly Fat.


What kind of push-ups reduce belly fat?

For instance, the spiderman push-ups, decline push-ups, and diamond push-ups will definitely help you bring the core into play with other muscle groups.

Can I actually lose weight if I do 10 pushups every day?

Doing 10 push-ups a day by themselves aren’t likely to result in the loss of much weight, but they definitely can be part of an overall fitness program.

Can pushups reduce fat in the belly area?

Push-ups can help reduce belly fat as part of a total fitness and diet program because they build up the core and add muscle mass.

How many push-ups should I be doing on a daily basis?

Of course, that is variable. A beginner would aim for something like 10-15 push-ups a day, while an experienced practitioner would aim for 50 or more in a much larger workout regime.

Will 10 pushups a day make any difference?

Sure, 10 push-ups a day might be modest, but it does help improve tone and possibly it could make one feel good about doing something for the body on a regular basis.

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